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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to heal and balance the body, mind, & spirit.

This practice dates back over six thousand years ago to Egypt and India.

Essential oils are 100% pure & concentrated.

They offer a natural alternative to improve one’s well-being both physically & emotionally.

ALLSPICE – Prosperity

AMBER – Success, luck

BERGAMOT – Money, success

CEDAR – Purification

CINNAMON – Attraction

COCONUT – Intuition, peace

CYPRESS – Protection, comfort


FRANKINCENSE – Spirituality, purify

LAVENDER – Healing, calming

LEMON – Friendship, love

MANGOSTEEN – Immunity, mental health

MYRRH – Spirituality

ORANGE – Beauty, love

PEPPERMINT – Healing, money

PINE – Prosperity

ROSE – Beauty, love

ROSE GERANIUM – Love, protection

ROSEMARY – Purification

SAGE – Wisdom, purify

SANDALWOOD – Spirituality

SWEETGRASS – Spiritual attraction

VANILLA – Love, lust

VERBENA – Protection, love

YLANG YLANG – Opportunity

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